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    CrazyLit is inspired by an urban underground lifestyle, and more specifically, by its founder Pauper D who grew up in the Bay Area during the 1980s. Pauper D began deejaying local house parties, small venues, and private events as a young teen. By the mid-1980s he was writing original hip-hop lyrics, and soon became fascinated by reggae music and Jamaican culture. It's at this time that he became known as a local performer and DJ who specialized in more obscure reggae & hip-hop tracks and even performed his own original lyrics over some of the instrumentals he played.

    By the 1990s Pauper D had released his first single on his own independent record label, appeared on various local radio shows, and collaborated with some well known international acts such as Daddy Freddy, Jamal-Ski, Guru, and others. His cultural knowledge grew as he travelled the globe and performed in Jamaica, Copenhagen, Philippines, Amsterdam, Barcelona and many other international cities.

    Today Pauper D keeps his journey alive by expressing himself with his new apparel brand "CrazyLit", which focuses on the never ending journey of an "Underground" artist. CrazyLit brings forward powerful messages, original designs, and quality materials.